Rosemarie Belden Fabrics
Rosemarie Belden Fabrics


“As Interior Designer for Hilton Hotels for the past twenty-five years, it was always a pleasure to work with professional people such as Rosemarie Belden.
Rosemarie and I have worked on a number of large projects together, and I was always pleased at the results of Rosemarie’s efforts; from getting strike-offs overnight to tracking her part of the project to it’s completion. I trust Rosemarie Belden and I will work together for many more years.”

George J. Lekos
Interior Design Coordinator
Hilton Hotels Corporation, Western Region
“Ms. Rosemarie Belden worked very closely with us during the renovation of the Essex House, Hotel Nikko New York.
We have only praise for the quality of her work and for her professionalism which have never faltered during the course of our association.
Should we need similar services in the future, we would seek the help of Ms. Belden again, without hesitation, for the impeccable craftsmanship her company delivers.”

Wolf Walther
Vic-President & General Manager
Rosemarie Belden Fabrics


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