Rosemarie Belden Fabrics
Rosemarie Belden Fabrics
Rosemarie Belden Fabrics
In 1972, Rosemarie Belden opened an antique importing and retail store in Beverly Hills, California. Together with one of her clients, Sheral Hippard, an interior designer, she later started an interior design firm.

In 1976, they founded Indeco Enterprises Inc. In the process of searching for interesting fabrics for their design jobs they developed a line of hand screen prints and wall coverings of their own, inspired by a vintage Navaho rug. This first group of fabrics created an instant stir in the decorative market. In stead of the usual ground cloth they used unbleached 100% cotton canvas to print their designs in order to achieve a natural effect complimenting the innovative artwork depicting this American Indian look.

Soon the market was flooded with copies showing up even at the Highpoint Furniture Market. A licensing agreement followed with Mastercraft (Collins & Aikman), one of the largest mills to produce all Indeco designs as woven textiles for the furniture industry.

Indeco grew into a sizable fabric manufacturing company with showrooms in every major design center.

Indeco fabrics branched out into many diverse directions, but always kept their own identifiable look and color pallet.

Countless designers specified Indeco products for prominent people’s homes (Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman, Elke Sommer, Frank Sinatra, Cher and the Western White House under President Reagan to name a few).

Indeco also flourished as a major supplier for the contract hospitality market. Indeco fabrics became the favorite choice for the Hilton Hotels design team and were specified for countless other hotels and hotel chains.

In 1986, after the passing of her former partner, the rights for the entire company were acquired by Rosemarie Belden.